Sherlock Web Statistics

Get more value out of your registrations by seeing them graphically.

Sherlock Web Statistics form graphics based on documents and registrations in Sherlock Web Document Management, Sherlock Web Log, Sherlock Web Equipment, and Sherlock Web HR.

For example, you can enter registrations on your tablet or smartphone regarding e.g. environmental incidents, occupational health and safety incidents, workplace assessments, defects in products, errors relating to measuring equipment and machines, etc., wherever you are located, after which you can immediately see the development graphically.

You can also, for example, monitor suppliers performance through Sherlock Web Statistics.

Graphics can run in “real time”, so the current status of e.g. near by and happened occupational health and safety incidents, audit results, etc. is visible.

Via the built-in filters you can choose just the parameters and the period of time you are interested in examining.

The data is displayed as graphs, histograms, pies, and pareto.

The data on which the generated graphics are based can be seen underneath the graphics, and registrations can also be sorted by column and / or opened from there. Finally, the data can be exported to Excel.

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