Document Management

Sherlock Web Document Management


Procedures and instructions are prepared in Sherlock Document Management. Those guidelines may include video and animation in addition to text.

Documents can contain up to 5 languages​​, and the reader will only see guidelines in his preferred language.

Employees locates the requested documents (procedures, instructions, forms etc.) by clicking on the icons, a flow diagram or photos illustrating the processes and / or sub-processes.

Each document has a review frequency and a reviewer, and an agent makes sure that this employee will be notified by mail when it’s time to re-read the document, and thus decide whether it is still up to date and relevant to your company.

Each user has his own dashboard that automatically shows his draft documents, valid documents he is responsible for reviewing, records from Sherlock Log which he is responsible for processing. Documents that this user has marked as “Favorites” will appear here as well. That makes it easy to retrieve documents that he uses frequently.


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