Document Management

Sherlock Web Document Management

Here are some of the many advantages of Sherlock Web Document Management:

  • In the documents you can include voice, video, animation, text, flowcharts and photos as well as attachments
  • Documents can contain up to 5 languages, and readers only view guidelines in their own language
  • Employees find relevant documents related to the processes they work with via clickable icons/photos/flowcharts
  • Document number and revision number are automatically controlled
  • You can send documents for consultation (hearing request) with colleagues before you submit for professional approval
  • Only authorized persons can approve a document professionally and after that approval a System Approver ensures that the cross references to ISO standards are correct and that the text in the document does not conflict with any legislation or the rest of the QHSE System.
  • Sherlock Web sends reminder via outlook about “now it’s time to review this valid document”, which ensures that you keep your QHSE System up to date.
  • You can get Sherlock Web Document Management to require that your dedicated employees acknowledge electronically that he / she has read the document
  • Sherlock Web Document Management ensures that changes are documented
  • Each user has his / her own dashboard, which automatically shows which tasks he / she has to take care of
  • Documents from Sherlock Web Document Management can be pushed to the employee’s dashboard “favorites” on both PC and Mobile. This ensures access to the documents which are needed for the specific job.
  • Readers of valid documents can create an improvement suggestion comment, which is visible on the current document and on a summary of comments received
  • Previous valid, but now obsolete documents are automatically moved to Sherlock Web Archive

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